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Memo (26 Jan 2010) from Mr. Cochrane giving his opinion, and showing his contempt for our community

This memo appears in the KDC Agenda Meeting notes (24 Feb 2010, page 93-94) and is part of the public record for anyone to view. A copy of this is available in the Dargaville Public Library for those interested in reading more. My response letter to KDC (23 Feb 2010) is the previous post in this blog. Read this Memo shown below from Mr. Cochane and ask yourself if his attitude towards the Baylys Beach community is without considerable contempt....I have highlighted in RED some very nice words he has for the Kaipara District Council on how to deal with our community.

Memo to:

The Mayor Neill Tiller

Councilor Crahah Taylor

CEO Jack McKerchar


Chris Cochrane

I have a notice of meeting for a Waste Wdter public Meeting at Baylys Beach on 3rd

February. I am stongly in support but unfortunately am unable to be there. Phil Lash

from Reyburn and Bryant will attend on my behalf. I made repeated efforts to arrange a

meeting with members of the Council ( to discuss my views on future development) since

I met with you both in mid October, but was unsuccessful.

With respect I will make several points relevant to the coming meeting, which I have

forwarded to Fiona for her consideration.

Future development:

I have an opinion that it would be wrong to have a discussion with the community

regarding future development. In my experience the people who are negative about

growth are always the articulate community members. This is the case at Baylys with the

American doctor, Darwin. I f you ask that question oft he commurity you wiil open it up

for him to hi-jack the meeting. I have seen him do it before. In my opinion if you ask

residents of any town whether they want development they would be negative. Why

change their slice of paradise?

The Council has indicated areas for further development at Baylys Beach in the Proposed

District Plan. This is a responsible attitude and wilt promote growth and increase the

rating base.

The fact of the matter is that it is most unlikely that there will be any further development

at Bayl)s Beach with-out a wastewater scheme. A. residential style development would

be virtually impossible.

There is a need to stongly promote a scheme, rather ask the community if it is


Council should be informed that two years ago I had a sale and purchase agreement to

buy more land beside my present development. The agreement was subject to a water

water scheme being provided by Council, which has for some years been on the agenda.

Unfortunately the scheme hasn't been delivered so the agreement lapsed. I presented a

plan to a Council group (Jack was there) which had a further 250 sections with a small

commercial area, park and playground. So there was the further development. I would

have had it re-zoned by now.

The land is still there and will be developed one day. I am of he opinion that it won't be

by any present Baylys resident; rather somebody like me.

Meeting strategy and Cost:

I have made the point to Fiona that a united Council and a well thought out strategy for

the meeting is important. Just another chat to the community is not what they expect.

They now want something real in terms of cost and the terms of payment/delivery. Peter

Elliot's last set of figures seemed to be do-able and I think the community would go for it.

I am also of the opinion that it would be pointless to ask the community whether they

want a sewage scheme. You will get negative argument from the outspoken residents

again. I spent a month there over Christmas and the feeling amongst the people I spoke to

on the subject is positive. They know they need it.

I was shocked when I saw the poor septic dispersal areas and heard comments passed on

from contractors who have been up-grading the storm water system.

There is now a national perspective that the environment needs to be protected from

water-water and any talk of opposing a scheme at Baylys beach is a nonsense.

The history of the proposed scheme is irrelevant. the timing is right in terms of a

competitive pricing environment. I have had my resource consent extended so I am on

board with my agreed contribution to the scheme. Any further delay and this won't be the

case. I will have to comply with my obligation to install a private scheme and a

community scheme will then no longer be viable.

On a positive note the enquiry for section sales is improving.

Chris Cochrane 26/01/010

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