Sunday, June 20, 2010

Quilt Winner is Patricia Rolfe at Baylys Beach Holiday Park

A Win-Win at Baylys Beach
On Sunday the “Democracy at Baylys Beach” group held its raffle draw with the assistance of Beth Kelliher at the Funky Fish, and Mrs. Patricia Rolfe of the Baylys Beach Holiday Park was the lucky winner. The draw was open to all those who participated in the community wastewater questionnaire sponsored by the Democracy group. The raffle prize was a stunning sea-blue quilt entitled “Lightning at Baylys Beach” made and donated by Mr. John Nielsen, artisan and owner of the Quilt Fairies @ Baylys Beach, a local quilting business.

The second winner was the entire Baylys Beach Community. It was obvious from the 129 respondents (59% return rate) to the questionnaire (see the earlier posting here for all the results) that Baylys Beach has won a new democratic voice when it comes to the wastewater issues in our community. It is anticipated that the Kaipara District Council will listen to the voices of the community and their voices are pretty clear: 80% believe their septic tank is working just fine, 81% believe that rate-payers CANNOT afford a multi-million dollar reticulated system for Baylys, and 55% feel the KDC consultation process is guilty of poor communication, biased and not open for discussion. Moreover, 92% will make this an issue in the October district elections.

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